Published on the occasion of the Oculus Velocitas solo exhibition at Il Trifoglio Nero, Genova, 2009. 
Art Direction by Romon Kimin Yang
Design by Simona Corniola
First edition publishing by Il Trifoglio Nero, 2009. Printed by Effebiemme, Genova, Italy
Edition of 1000, Hard cover, 160 pages 

Download essay: Four Theses on the Significance of Recent Paintings by Rostarr by Michael Betancourt



Published on the occasion of the Wreckless Abandon solo exhibition at O.H.W.O.W., Miami, 2008. 
Curated by Al Moran. 
Art Direction & Design by Chris Rubino
First edition publishing by O.H.W.O.W., 2008. Printed by GTC Media, Miami, Fla. 
Monograph edition of 600, Soft cover, 70 pages

Download essay: Man In the Maze by Alexandra Chang 
Download essay: Organic Harmonies by Rey Parlá



Published on the occasion of the X To Z solo exhibition at Alife, New York City, 2001. 
Art Direction & Design by Romon Kimin Yang 
First edition publishing by Alife, New York, 2001. 
Edition of 1000, Soft cover, 116 pages