Selected Press


Rostarr Interview, Intelligence Magazine, Nguyen Le, Issue 04, May 2017 PDF

Pulse / Rostarr: Graphysics, Lodown Magazine, Jan Kluthmann, Jan 10, 2017 LINK



Interview / Rostarr: Diesel Alrite, Hidden Champion (Japan), Hidenori Matsuoka, Nov 2, 2016 LINK

Top Lists / 10 Contemporary Graffiti Calligraphers, Widewalls, Ana Bambic Kostov, 2016 LINK



Rostarr Rises to New Heights On the Roof of the Standard High Line, Standard Culture, Standard Hotel, Dec 12, 2014 LINK

Rostarr at Le Bain, Standard Culture, by Markus Marty for the Standard Hotel, Dec 2014 VIDEO LINK



Capturing the Graffiti Impulse Without the Cliché, Hyperallergic, Emily Colucci, May 7, 2013 LINK

Art Talk: Rostarr, Vice, Liz Cowie, March 12, 2013 VIDEO LINK

Calligraffiti: 1984/2013, Studio International, Jill Spalding, Sept 16, 2013 LINK



Reflections: Rostarr's Therapeutic Craft, Nowness, Matt Black, Oct 4, 2011 VIDEO LINK 



O.H.W.O.W., It's Our House West of Wynwood!, Miami New Times, Arielle Castillo, Oct 9, 2008 LINK

Feature: An Interview With Rostarr, Supertouch, Darren DRX Romanelli, Oct 16, 2008 LINK



LA April Reviews: Critics' Pick, Artforum, Michelle Kuo, April 2006 LINK

LA reviews: Neospectives, Modern Painters magazine, Shana Nys Dambrot, April 2006 PDF




Selected Essays


Four Theses on the Significance of Recent Paintings by Rostarr by Michael Betancourt PDF

The State of Information by Michael Betancourt LINK



Rostarr: The Man in the Maze by Alexandra Chang PDF

Organic Harmonies by Réy Parlá PDF




Selected Bibliography


Reflections: In Conversation with Today's Artists, Assouline, Matt Black, 2016 

50 Parties, Standard Press, Ryan Mcginness, 2016

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New York New York, Streetwear Today, Issue 54, page 178-185, 2015

This Is New York, Ollie Magazine (Japan), Vol 200, page 76-77, December 2015

Street Creative Culture Issue, +81 Magazine (Japan), Vol 69, page 56-59, Autumn 2015

Surface by Soren Solkaer, Ginko Press, page 50-51, 2015



Rostarr, Eloquence magazine (Korea), Issue 69, page 52-65, Feb 2014



Calligraffiti 1983-2013, Leila Heller Gallery, [catalogue] PDF

Library 2003-2013, Hidden Champion Magazine (Japan), Issue 29, page 14-29. Summer 2013



Fanatix, Black Rainbow Magazine (France), Issue 01, page 58-59, June 2012

Art: Rostarr, Hidden Champion Magazine (Japan), Issue 25, page 52-59, Summer 2012

Tenth Anniversary Issue: 12, Complex Magazine, page 37, April/May 2012

Dyezue Experimental Art Surfshop, Tabloid A (Japan), October 2012

Graphysics by Rostarr (cover), Maps Magazine (Korea), volume 55, page 44, 74-77, July/August 2012



Arabesque II: Graphic design from the Arab World & Persia, Die Gestalten Verlag

Spectrum Magazine (cover), Spectrum Magazine (Korea), No. 3, fall 2011

People: Rostarr, Design Net Magazine (Korea), Issue 08, Volume 167, page 32-37, August 2011

Rostarr Feature, Redux Magazine (France), Issue 38, page 26-31, September 2011

Editors Choice: Rostarr, Bling Magazine (Korea), Issue 08, Volume 06, page 102-103, August 2011

Art: Rostarr, Focus Magazine (France), Issue 51, page 80-84, Oct/Nov 2011

Style: Global Report New York, Esquire Magazine (Korea), Issue 187, page 172-174, April 2011



Stuck-Up Piece Of Crap: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art, Rizzoli Publications, DB and Monica Locasio

Draw, Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico, by Erik Foss & Curse Mackey

Top 100 Moments of 2009, Juxtapoz magazine, issue 108, January 2010

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Hadiith: Contemporary Conversations, Cuadro Art Gallery.

Rostarr, Juxtapoz magazine, page 78-89, issue107, December 2009



Now Jump, Nam June Paik Art Center, exhibition catalog.

Envisioning Diaspora, Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University, Alexandra Chang.

The Upset: Young Contemporary Art, Die Gestalten Verlag.

Arabesque: Graphic design from the Arab world, Die Gestalten Verlag.

The Barns: by the Barnstormers, by Gion.



Revisionaries: a decade of art in Tokion, Tokion.

BLK/MRKT Two, Die Gestalten Verlag.

Von!Azine: The Last for the Place,  Dyezu Gallery.



Joga Bonito: 2 Nike & Sartoria, Italy.

Stussy World Tour, Stussy 

Helio Magazine # 2, cover, Helio, Dr. Romanelli/Street Virus.

Rostarr: Artworld feature Prophecy magazine.

Supernatural: Rostarr, Lemon magazine.

Remastered, Gestalten Verlag.

Flip the Script, Surface 2 Air.



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Sticker Book, A.R.R/All Rights Reserved.



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Heavy, Neverstop and Alife

Boredom, Die Gestalten Verlag



Step into the Gallery, Galerie Cueto, show catalog.

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The Disobedients Issue, Tokion Magazine; may/june issue, curated by Aaron Rose.

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Young Guns III, Art Directors Club, show catalog.



Free Activation Series Vol.3/Visual Virus, Neverstop

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The i-D 200 for 2000, i-D magazine, nominated by Sharleen Spiteri.

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